Main Items

Main Items. It can be combined in various ways (vertical and horizontal match-3 and match-5, T-L-O types). Collectible items can serve as game objectives.

Bonus items

Horizontal / Vertical Striped Items. Create bonus items by matching them horizontally or vertically with items of the same color. When activated, they eliminate corresponding rows and can act as boosters.

Packaged items. Bonus items can be created when 5 objects are matched in a T or L shape. After activation, they will destroy 9 items around them.

Mulicolor bomb. Can be created when 5 objects are matched in a single row. When combined with another Multicolor bomb, it will remove all candies of the same color from the game field. It can be used as a booster.

Collectable items

Collectable items. Should be collected to win.


Sugar. It has 2 levels. Game items are on top of the blocks. It can be removed after destroying any items above this block.

Solid. Blocks don't allow game items on top of them. They can be removed after destroying any items beside them. They can serve as obstacles or game objectives.

Thriving Block. It absorbs any candy in a random order. Can be removed after destroying any candy nearby. In this case, the block doesn’t expand.

Unbreakable. These blocks cannot be destroyed.

Ice. It keeps a candy inside. Can be removed after destroying this candy.


Magic Wand. It destroys a selected item.

Bomb. It destroys a selected place (similar to a packaged item).

Hand. It swaps a selected candy with neighbor.

Extra moves. It provides an additional +5 moves.

Extra time. It provides an additional +30 seconds.


  • When you match two horizontal and/or two vertical striped items, they will explode both horizontally and vertically instead of just one row.

  • Combining two package items will result in a large area being destroyed.

  • If you combine a Striped item with a Packaged item, it will destroy three rows in both vertical and horizontal directions.

  • When you combine a Multicolor item with a Striped or Packaged candy, it will change all items of the same color into Striped or Packaged items.

  • Combining two Multicolor items will clear all items on the game board.

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