General Items

Main items

Jewel. The main goal of the game is to help the girl get the JEWEL for her hairpin. Remove all obstacles so that the JEWEL touches the dotted line.

Colored bubbles. The main game objects. Slide your finger across bubbles of the same color to destroy.

Dotted Line. The JEWEL must touch the dotted line to win

Bonus and Obstacles items

Flowered items. Helps to destroy most important items of the gamefield.

Nested items

* Big Nested Item includes 2 Small Nested Items.

* Small Nested Item includes JEWEL.

Combine Big Nested Item with bubbles the same color to free the Small Nested Item. Combine Small Nested Item with bubbles the same color to free the JEWEL.

Potions. Destroy it to get more water and lift up the JEWEL

Striped Items. Destroys game objects in different directions (vertically, horizontally, in all directions). Combine 6 or more colorful bubbles the same color to get this bonus item.

Block. Pop the bubbles nearby to destroy this block

Multicolor Item. Сan be activated along with bubbles of any color. All bubbles the same color will be destroyed.

Secret Item. Contains bubbles of random color. Pop the bubbles nearby to open it.

Spiral Item. Destroys all objects nearby. Combine this item with bubbles the same color to activate.

Lock and Key Items. Lock includes a JEWEL inside. Use the KEY to open the LOCK and drop the JEWEL down.

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