Google Mobile ads integration

Warning: we are not related for proper work of this plugin

  1. Download the latest Admob release here

  2. Run downloaded package

  3. Click Import

  4. Go to your Google Mobile Ads account

  5. Add new app to monetizate. Help

  6. Copy your Intestitial ID

  7. Put your ID to Interstitial ID Android/iOS field

  8. Select the place where you want to show the ads

  9. Add your AdMob app ID to the Admob settings App ID (not unit Ad id) you will find on this page it should have ‘~’. Wrong number is main reason of crush on startup


  1. If you cannot see your ad use Sample ad units to test it Sometimes it requires a couple of days to activate your new ad if you need more info please contact Google support

  2. Android building problem. Try this

  3. Delete GoogleMobileAds and Plugins/Android/GoogleMobileAdsPlugin folders and reimport it

  4. If you have Gradle building problem try this For Win to clear the .gradle folder inside my %Userfolder% For Mac you can run rm -rf $HOME/.gradle/caches/ in terminal

  5. If you use Admob and Chartboost at the same time you should delete Plugins/Android/ChartboostSDK/android-support-v4.jar

  6. If you able to see test ads but can’t see real ads

    1. Try to change package id.

    2. Try to publish the game

    3. As far as you able to see test ads google says problem can be only in particular admob account, package or adUnit id

  7. If you have problems with building for android:

Make sure you haven’t support libraries twice, delete the libraries (marked with red line)

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